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Nepal is a country with plenty of natural resources like different types of soil, forests, rivers, etc. It is enriched with the gifts of nature. However, these natural resources have not been properly utilised. There is an imbalance in development in our country. Only the Central Development Region and Eastern Development Region have developed, but the others are lagging behind in the pace of development. The topography of our country is also one of the reasons behind it. The land of the mountain is not fertile. So, there is no good production. So, this region is not developed in comparison to others.
Development regions are very important for the development of a country. Keeping this in mind, four development regions were created in 2029 BS and the number reached 5 in 2037 BS. The main importance of development regions is the proper use of natural resources and proportionate development in all the regions.

Figure: Development Regions of Nepal Source:
Figure: Development Regions of Nepal
Some of the importance of development regions:
  • Develop the feeling of competition: The feeling of competition creates rapid development in every region as everyone wants to be more advanced than the others. As a whole, the country develops rapidly.
  • Utilisation of resources and manpower: Development regions use the available resources and manpower of its own region because importing the manpower and resources is expensive. Therefore, the resources won't go to a waste and people also get job opportunities.
  • Proportionate development: Proportionate development occurs in every development regions as there is the facility of health, education, transport, communication, electricity, etc. in all development regions.
  • Decentralisation of power: Due to decentralisation of power, public participation increases. As the people want change, they carry out development activities with each others' cooperation.
  • Promotion of local culture: Development region helps to know the problems arising in cultures and traditions of the local areas. The problem is understood in local level and effective remedies are applied.
Figure: Local Development Source:
Figure: Local Development

Federalism is a political system in which a country is divided into autonomous provinces or states.

Advantages of Federal System:

  1. Federal Government can solve political, social, economic problems of particular regions.
  2. It maintains a close relationship between state and peoples.
  3. It uses the available resources.
  4. Accelerates developmental activities.
  5. Carry out proportional development.
  6. It can make its own policy for the welfare of the government.
  7. It maximises the uses of government.
  8. It has room for innovation and experiments.

Disadvantages of Federal System:

  1. It creates confusion.
  2. It is expensive.
  3. The gap between poor and rich province widens.
  4. It creates unhealthy competition among provinces.
  5. It brings unhealthy competition and regional dispute.

  • Nepal is a country with plenty of natural resources like different types of soil, forests, rivers, etc.
  • Only four development regions were created in 2029 BS and the number reached five in 2037 BS.
  • Development region helps to know the problems arising in cultures and traditions of the local areas.
  • Development regions use the available resources and manpower of its own region because importing the manpower and resources is expensive.

Very Short Questions

Nepal is divided into districts and development regions due to the following reasons:

  • For the balanced development in every region
  • For the utilisation of local resources of the place
  • For the effective administration of the place
  • For the proportional representation of different people of different regions in the government.

A development region is an administration division of a place created for the development of a particular region. In order to develop the economic condition of all parts of Nepal equally and to bring balanced development throughout the country, the government of Nepal has divided Nepal into five regions known as development regions.

It is true that federalism is more democratic and inclusive than the unitary system of government. It is so because of the following reasons:

  • Federalism carries the concept of 'decentralization of power' i.e. power is proportionally divided among the states.
  • The states in a federal system are divided on the basis of geographical diversity and its unique culture, tradition or history. Thus, they carry each aspect with the principle of inclusiveness.
  • The means and resources can be utilized in optimum way in this system for materializing the concept of proportionate development in all parts of a country.
  • In the federal system, people can form their own plans, policies and programs as per their need and will.

The term 'federalism' is a system of government in which sovereignty is constitutionally divided between a central governing authority and constituent political units. In the federal system of government, there are two governments: central government and state government. The state government is formed at the state level which is autonomous in strengthening security in the state, running administration, carrying out development projects, making laws and policies and forming a budget. The Central government is formed at the central level which deals with border security, national, fiscal plan and policies, foreign and military affairs etc.

Natural Regions Administration Region
They are the physical or economic division of the country created according to the variation in landforms and climates. They are the political division of the country created according to the principle of decentralisation for efficient administration and balance development.
They run parallel east-west They run parallel north-south.
They include parts of all development regions. They include parts of all natural regions.

Development regions are needed in our country because of the following reasons.

  1. To properly mobilize local means and resources of increasing employment.
  2. To make sure for proportionate development.
  3. To reduce unwanted migration from rural to urban areas.

Nepal is divided into five development region because of the following reasons.

  • To decrease regional disparity
  • To mobilize natural resources properly
  • To create employment opportunities
  • To ensure sustainable development
  • To maintain balance in population distribution
  • To promote the feeling of unity
  • To make administration smooth and effective
  • To create harmonious development

The main function of the Regional Administration office is to facilitate the people concerned with respective development region by providing all the administrative formalities without making then burden do depend on the central authorities. It helps to make the work easier, faster and less troublesome.

Development regions are the forms of political division of our country into five development regions. These regions can help the people of all the parts of our country to find all the administrative solutions within the respective development regions. There will be no burden at the center for the governance of each development regions. So, development regions are necessary for smooth running of the administration.

The governance system with whatever budget is allocated for the respective work it becomes incomplete unless, the people are aware and they support them. Wherever any development work is to be held in whatever sector, the interest taken by people, supporting and coordinating with the government or the non-government agencies is known as local participation because it can directly or indirectly make impact upon their lives. Making positive environment through discussion, interaction and if necessary, providing public labor without cost they can contribute and so many other roles can be played by the people.

The division of development regions linking south to north is made almost well balanced, in which the Terai, Hills, and Mountains are almost included in all the development regions. These geographical diversities ranging from Mechi to Mahakali have different cultural, tribal, professional varieties as well. so the people of the south are equally useful to the people of the north or the vice-versa. These typical features help them to bond among each other.

A transformation and change to a positive condition is development. It is very essential. Different countries have a difference in ways of administrative division. India, China has provincial regions. Whatever ways of division is there, they become a process of decentralization.

In our country we, have development regions divided into five development regions with zones and districts. They were first divided into four development regions in the year 2029 B.S. and later, the Far-Western Development Region were realized of being very large, so it was scattered into two and ultimately Mid- Western Development Region was created in 2037B.S.

The division of development region in Nepal has great importance. The foremost importance is smoothness and effectiveness in the running of administration, utilization of local resources in a short period, employment opportunities, etc. If all the development regions are efficient, the people will directly be affected which means the whole country can have positive transformation as a developed country. So the government of a country is very responsible to make far-sighted and positive plans and policies with fair implementation which can activate the development regions and work efficiently.

  • Nepal was divided into 4 Development Regions in _____.

    2020 B.S.

    2029 B.S.

    2019 B.S.

    2035 B.S.

  • Nepal was divided into 5 Development Regions(by adding Mid-Western Development Region) in ______.

    2036 B.S.
    2037 B.S.
    2047 B.S.
    2027 B.S.
  • What is development region?

    Regional division made by state for smooth administration.
    Political division made by state for political parties.
    Political division made by state for smooth administration.
    Political division made by political parties for smooth administration.
  • Why is federal system felt necessary in Nepal?

    Natural resources were not utilized properly.
    Only federal system could meet expectation of multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-cultural Nepalese society.
    Development regions failed to decentralize.
    All the options are correct
  • Why is development region created?

    To run the administrative work efficiently.

    To check migration.

    All the options are correct.

    To develop all the parts of the country equally.

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