Emerging Management Concept

Conflict Management, knowledge Management, Participative Management


Concept and importance of Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is a new branch of management for achieving breakthrough business performance. Knowledge management refers to the process by which an organization creates, captures, acquires and uses knowledge to support and improve the organization. The focus of knowledge management is on doing the right things instead of doing things right.

Participative Management

Participative management is closely related with the concept of industrial democracy. It means involving workers in the decisionmaking process. Participative management is based on the concept that when the worker invests his time, he should be given opportunity to express his view. It encourages the involvement of stake holders at all levels of an organization in the analysis of the problems.

Conflict Management

Conflict means an active disagreement between people with opposing opinion principles whereas conflict management is the process of handling the situation while interacting with the different people in the organization.There are two types of approaches in conflict such as traditional and modern approach. It is the natural process so it has various characteristics such as natural phenomenon,conflict is inevitable, conflict is a normal part of life,outcomes of human behavior and relationship and symptoms of poor coordination and ineffective communication.There are various level of conflict such as conflict within the individual, intarpersonal conflict,intergroup conflict,which affect the performance of the people in the organization.There are many causes for arising conflict in the organization because of the unclear goal and much more. The manager should take various technique for the minimization of conflict. It helps to create positive response from the employee.