Co-operative Organization

Concept of Co- operative Organization, Characteristics, Types. Registration of Co- operatives in Nepal, Role of Co- operatives in Developing Countries. National cooperative development board: formation and function


Co-operative Organization -Types and Characteristics

The co-operative organization is a voluntary association of person having limited resources and common needs.Co-operative organization are formed to help their member to improve the economy standard.They provide different kinds of services product for their member.The co-operative organization is formed with the feeling of each for all and all for each.The main motive of the co-operative organization is to provide service to their member rather than to earn a profit.

Registration of Co-operative in Nepal and Its Role in Developing Countries

In Nepal, The Co-operative organization we guided and regulated by co-operative act 2048.Before starting the co-operative, the prospective members are required to discuss all the matter relating to the formation of co-operative.A co-operative organization cannot start its legal business activity without registering in the co-operative department.Following steps are required co-operative in Nepal; preliminary Meeting Application for registration Investigation of application Certificate of registration

National Co-operative Development Board

National Co-operative Development Board (NCDB) was formed in August 1991 under the Co-operative Development Board Act, 2049. It is an autonomous corporate body established to formulate the national level plans and policies for the development of co-operatives in the country according to the co-operative principles.